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Introduction to PhD supervision for PhD students Aarhus and Emdrup - 0,5 ECTS
Centre for Educational Development

Supervision is a key element of the PhD process. Learn and discuss the issues, roles and challenges of PhD supervision in this compulsory course for all PhD students at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University.  Learning outcomes Be familiar with

Introduction to University Teaching (IUT) Aarhus and Emdrup - 2 ECTS
Centre for Educational Development

ObjectiveThis is an introductory course to university teaching at AU.The purpose is to make PhD students acquainted with requirements and expectations for teaching at AU, connected to the participants' own teaching practice. Learning outcomesBy t

Teaching technique for PhD students Aarhus C - 0,5 ECTS
Centre for Educational Development

ObjectiveThis course introduces PhD students to tools and techniques that will help them plan and carry out their teaching at the university. PhD students will also be introduced to basic pedagogical terms, specific teaching methods and -activities,

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