PhD Courses in Denmark

Advanced research methods in Psychology (Autumn) 2023

Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Date and time: The seminar will take place three days, 28-30 August 2023 at 9:00-12:00 and 13-16:00 all days.

Successful participants of this course will have acquired proficiency in different ways of deriving scientific knowledge from interventional and observational studies, including the limitations, for example, with causal interpretation of effects.

Topics of the course include the planning and analysis of randomized controlled trials with different types of outcome variables, matching methods and methods for the analysis of observational and register studies, and statistical methods for handling missing data. Further topics for Day 3 depend on the preferences of the participants, choices include Modelling, R packages and figures, Analysis of behavioral data (binary, counts, times), Qualitative assessment of knowledge and learning.

PhD students of all fields can participate in this seminar. The minimum requirement is that students are interested in planning, conducting and analyzing interventional and observational research studies. Importantly, participants are asked to reflect on their use of methodology, their way to formulate research questions, and to conduct large projects. Requirements for passing the seminar are (a) attendance at each of the three days, (b) active participation, which will be evaluated based on classroom performance, (c) exercise sheets that are handed in.

Literature will be recommended and provided throughout the seminar.

Language: The entire seminar is held in English.


Course organiser and teacher: Professor Matthias Gondan-Rochon, Department of Psychology, Universität Innsbruck.

Max. numbers of participants: 20

Registration: Please register via the link in the box no later than 1 June 2023.

Course fee: No fee for the PhD students under the Open Market in Denmark. Other participants are asked to pay a course fee of DKK 2,250. Each student must pay and arrange their own travel and accommodation in Copenhagen during the course.

Further information: For more information about the PhD course, please contact the PhD Administration (