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Workshop on statistics in linguistics: Introduction to R, tidyverse, and linear models

Graduate School, Arts at Aarhus University

Course description by Bodo Winter:

This 3-day workshop introduces you to a modern data analysis work flow, using R, R markdown files for reproducible research, the "tidyverse" for data wrangling, and the ggplot2 package for data visualization. You will learn how to write beautiful code in line with contemporary open science principles. On the statistical side, we will emphasize statistical modelling and parameter estimation rather than significance testing. I will teach you the basics of the linear model framework, including generalized linear models and linear mixed effects models. This framework allows you to express your theories in statistical models in a more principled way than significance tests, and it is actually conceptually much more straightforward! My ultimate goal is that this workshop enables you to start your own data analysis, and to jumpstart your journey through statistics. No background in programming or statistics is required, but a willingness to take part in three intense (and fun!) days of coding and thinking about data. Installation instructions and materials for the hands-on sessions will be introduced prior to the workshop.


Suggested pre-reading:
“Statistics for Linguists. An Introduction Using R” by Bodo Winter

Target group:

Preferably early or mid-stage PhD, but the workshop will be appropriate for all PhD students in the field of linguistics who deal with quantitative data.  





ECTS credit:



Bodo Winter 

Dates and time:

December 8-10 2021 (from 9 to 15 each of the three days)



Application deadline:

Please sign up via this link no later than 1 November 2021.