PhD Courses in Denmark

CANCELLED: From Plans to Practice

Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences


Faculty of Social Science, Department of Anthropology


Course objective:

This workshop gives new PhD students in Anthropology at Aarhus University and Copenhagen University the opportunity to present their research projects for critical and constructive discussion in order to turn a successful research proposal into a viable fieldwork project. Projects will be considered in terms of research design, the operationalizing of theories and concepts, methods of constructing data in the field, research ethics and insuring openness to the unexpected. The problems of working in different settings will be examined and compared. The workshop will run over 1 day and will bring together the most recent cohort of PhD students and a seasoned field researcher from each of the two anthropology departments.

Preparation for the course:

1. An English summary of your research project, focusing on research questions and practice (max. 3 pages). The summaries will be distributed to all participants and are expected to be read in advance. To each summary two participants will be assigned so that they can prepare a brief critique (approx. 5 minutes), which opens up for general discussion. 

2. A detailed time plan for the proposed research, emphasizing fieldwork activities (approx. 1/4 page)

3. Paragraph or some bullet-points on any issues of practice that is of specific relevance for you.

4. Contact information and institute affiliation

Course organisers:

Cecilie Rubow ( , Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

Noa Vaisman (, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University.

Date and time:

15 October 2021 from 11AM to 5PM

Max. number of participants: 5-7


Registration and fee:

The workshop is primarily targeted at PhD students from the departments of Anthropology in Copenhagen and Aarhus Universities. PhD students from other research schools are welcome to participate in the workshop, if places are available. Please note that you will need to have a background in anthropology, and your project should include anthropological or ethnographic fieldwork. A fee of DKK 1200 per ECTS is charged for PhD students who are not enrolled at Aarhus or Copenhagen Universities.

Please register via the link in the box no later than September 27, 2021THE COURSE IS CANCELLED

Further information: For more information about the PhD course, please contact the PhD Administration ( or the course organisers.