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Writing sociological articles

Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences

The PhD programme at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

Please note that this course is exclusively for PhD students enrolled at Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.

This is a research-project oriented doctoral course with focus on the skills in writing sociological articles, and it can be taken at any stage of the phd-research where writing of articles has become a part of the process. Only PhD students from Department of Sociology are invited to the course in order to secure intensive feedback on presented writings.

The aim is to support the participants in developing and adapting article ideas from first loose ideas to a presentable draft. The content of the course will cover issues such as choice of journals, types of articles, framing of main contribution, cutting down on pet-points, structure of argumentation, and dealing with reviewer and editor comments. The course addresses article writing involving both qualitative, quantitative and mixed data.

The form consists of a first whole day with two master class senior presentations, where you will be invited into the workshop of experienced sociological article writers, and where all participants pitch their written input orally as well as their two biggest challenges with the article idea or draft. The first whole day will be followed by 2 workshops of 4 hours over the following 3 months. At these workshops, there will be phd-fellow presentations of drafts for articles at various stages of development and feedback for these drafts by the course organisers and by other PhD students.

In order to participate, phd-fellows write minimum 5 – 10 pages draft about an idea or the beginnings of a draft for an article, building on a part of their own research project. This draft must then be revised for each of the two following workshops (for further information, see detailed course program). It is also possible to use a paper you already are working on that is ‘in progress’.

In the first session (17th May) participants are expected especially to write an introduction to their paper outlining research question, scientific and societal relevance, structure of paper etc.. This should be 3-4 pages.

The course lasts 3 days and gives 4 ects points (it is not possible to participate without paper and the paper has to be revised twice).

The course is mandatory for phd-fellows enrolled at Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.


  • 1. Session: 17th of May 2021, 9-17

  • 2. Session 25th of August 9-13

  • 3. Session 28th of September 9-13


Master class presenters

  • Mads Meier Jæger, professor, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

  • Charlotte Baarts, Associate professor, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen


  • Carsten Strøby Jensen, Associate professor, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

Max. number of participants: 10

ECTS: 4,0

Registration: Please register via the link in the box no later than 23 April 2021.

Further information: For more information about the PhD course, please contact the PhD Administration ( or the course organiser Carsten Strøby Jensen (