PhD Courses in Denmark

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methodology

Aarhus BSS Graduate School at Aarhus University

An introduction to challenges in quantitative research projects. Areas covered: DAY 1: From research idea to research design. My research question and hypotheses.  My choice of research design – strengths and limitations. DAY 2: Reviewing the background literature: Existing knowledge as starting point for my research project – what will my study add? My chosen design: Statistical power, sample size, sensitivity, precision, and possible sources of error. DAY 3: Recruitment, non-response, and dropout. Measurement: Ensuring the quality of my instruments. Scientific misconduct and good scientific practice. DAY 4: Analyzing my data: analytical strategy, data-management, and choice of statistical tests. Bringing it all together: Overall assessment of the quality of my research project: strengths, limitations, and what can be done to remedy the limitations? A personal perspective: Exploring my strengths and weaknesses as a researcher. Course format: Plenary presentations, individual, group, and plenary exercises.