PhD Courses in Denmark

Improve your funding and research impact with entrepreneurial methods

Graduate School of Health Sciences at Aarhus University

Getting an insight into entrepreneurship and business methods will help you: Make your research matter in and outside academia Get new ways to achieve funding. Transform your results into projects and/or products. Open your career path towards the private sector. Improve your interdisciplinarity. Think about the value of your work in a society oriented way. Strengthen your communication skills. The rationale for this course is that researchers need to be better at identifying the value and applicability of their research and they need to be better at working in interdisciplinary teams and attract research funding under the new regimes of the EU, NSF and Innovation Fund Denmark. The purpose is to provide an eye-opener for the value of using methodologies that originated from the start-up environment as a way to leverage results and provide value for stakeholders. The course will increase the PhD students´ ability to identify and increase the societal value of their research and thereby increase to possibility of raising more funding. In your future workplace you will need the skills taught here to be able to achieve funding, attract collaborators, and carry out interdisciplinary projects in a successful manner to achieve the changes you deem necessary.