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Introduction Course for New PhD Students (generic course)

PhD School at the Faculty of SCIENCE at University of Copenhagen

Aim and content

Introduction Course for New PhD Students (generic course)

The aim of this course is to offer PhD fellows insight and tools to manage their project, their research education, their work/life balance and collaborate with their supervisor(s) - thereby positioning PhD fellows as the centre of their PhD. The course focuses on
•Competence development planning and career goals
•Collaboration with supervisors
•Work/Life balance and stress management
•Oral presentation techniques
•The writing process
•Project planning and management
•Peer support
•Responsible Conduct of Research

Formel requirements

Course requirements and assessment

Requirements to get the credits for this course are active participation and positive evaluation of assignments (personal development plan and ethics assignment).

The four days’ intensive course takes place off campus as a residential course with sessions programmed from 8:30 a.m. till around 10 p.m. (except Thursday). Active participation means that you need to take part in the course activities during the intensive week, and only minor and exceptional absence can be accepted.
The two assignments will be evaluated by course teachers. In addition to the Personal Development Plan mentioned above, you are also required to submit an ethical essay on a research related topic of your own choice for the modules on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).

Learning outcome

Intended learning outcomes


Participants are able to
•Take charge of your PhD studies
•Map personal and professional competence and plan competence development
•Co-manage your supervisory relationships
•Navigate the personal / individual aspects of your PhD studies (e.g. motivation, work/life balance, stress)
•Make judgements about good research practice


Participants will have knowledge to underpin the aforementioned competences. This knowledge concerns
•learning as an active, constructive process
•formal and informal learning environments
•work/life balance and stress
•the organisational structure of the PhD education
•responsible conduct, misconduct and questionable conduct of research
•norms regarding publication and authorship issues
•conflicts of interest and commitment, and documentation of scientific results
•communication to the public, and intellectual property rights and duties


Participants gain basic skills in
•Project management
•Presentation techniques
•Giving and receiving feedback
•Reflection techniques

As the Introduction course includes the RCR course, it is not necessary for you to participate in the compulsory course Responsible Conduct of Research when you have passed the Introduction Course for New PhD students course. The RCR course is also offered as a separate course, but you should only take that if you do not wish to take the Introduction course (link:


Material will be distributed electronically. Handouts will be distributed during the course.

Teaching and learning methods

Teaching and learning methods

Prior to the course we provide you with material to read. During the 4-day course we alternate between lectures, discussions and exercises. You will work on your own Personal Development Plan (PDP) during and after the course. As part of the assignment you will discuss your PDP with your supervisor(s), so please make an appointment to meet with her/him/them 1-2 weeks after the course for this purpose. After submitting the PDP you will receive feedback on your work.



The course last 75 hours of work, of which 4 days are held as residential course at a hostel close to Copenhagen.


Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4.


A full course program will be available 2 weeks prior to each edition of the course. The course begin Monday at 09:00 and ends Thursday 17:00. There will be lectures until 22:00 during the residential course.



Tuition fee:
Free for PhD students from UCPH Science.
Others DKK 4.500 plus VAT

Participation fee:
Fee DKK 4.200 (surcharge for single room + DKK 400).
All participants need to pay for direct course costs, i.e. teaching materials, transport, accommodation and food provided during the course.

Course secretary

If you have any questions please contact course secretary Nadja Nordmaj,

Course responsible

Sofie Kobayashi

Participants from SCIENCE will have their tuition fee paid for by the Faculty.

All other participants are required to cover any and all costs pertaining to this course themselves. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that the financially responsible body (typically the home department) accepts all costs before signing up for this.


Your registration is considered binding and therefore the following rule apply: 3 weeks before the start of the course, it is possible to opt out, without having to pay the fees. Beyond this date you will be charged the participation fee of 4.200 DKK.

If less than 20 registered participants the course will not be offered.