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Research in the Fields of Design and Architecture

Doctoral School at Aarhus School of Architecture

The course gives a broad introduction to research within the fields of design and architecture aimed at PhDs in the early stages of their project. It will help PhDs to form a general understanding of research within the fields with a particular focus on research by design. It addresses questions of structuring research, developing research questions, planning of research, choice of methodologies and contextualisation of research.

The course will use the PhDs individual research projects as source material to help the participant to arrive at a better understanding of how to situate their research while developing and sharpening the focus, content and methodologies of the projects.

12-13 September – Research in the design fields / Research Question
The first part of the course introduces research within the fields of design and architecture. We discuss the participant’s research projects through workshops. The role of the research question in the design fields is introduced.

26-27 September – Discourse analysis / Historiography
The second part of the course focuses on the contextualization of the research, the understanding of the research traditions of the field and the discourse analysis of analytical and theoretical texts.

10-11 October – Research methods/ Research design
The third part of the course addresses the choice of research methods and the formation of a research design to plan and structure the research process.

The course format includes lectures by instructors and guests, group discussions and workshops. Participation requires preparation (approximately three days) before and in between the three parts of the course (about 5-8 days) as well as active participation in all course activities. Participants are encouraged to participate in all parts of the course, but it is possible to join parts.

Course instructors: Richard Herriot, Claus Peder Pedersen and Anders Troelsen.

Target group: PhD fellows within design and architecture, and related fields in the early stages of their PhD.

ECTS Points: 6

A reading list will be provided.

Please sign up by emailing Mia Mimi Flodager
Please attach a short description of your research project.

Deadline for signing up: 16 August

The number of participants: Up to 12


Course dates
12 September 2019 - 11 October 2019
Claus Peder Pedersen, Richard Herriot, Anders Troelsen among others
Aarhus School of Architecture
Aarhus C
6 points

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