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Advanced course in questionnaire technique and clinimetrics (11, 18, 25/11-2019)

Graduate School of Health Sciences at University of Southern Denmark

At the end of the course the participant will: 1. Have the skills to complete the process of developing a new measurement instrument 2. Have basic knowledge about item reduction and factor analysis 3. Be able to define, determine and interpret a) validity, b) reproducibility, c) responsiveness and d) interpretation 4. Have an overview of the benefits of modern psychometric methods such as IRT and Rasch analyses 5. Be able to explain the basics of Rasch analysis


Course dates
11 November 2019 - 25 November 2019
Henrik Hein Lauridsen (kursusleder/course leader)
SDU Odense
J. B. Winsløws Vej
Odense C
2,4 points

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