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Online Course in Web Archives and Web Archiving

Graduate School, Arts at Aarhus University


More than 98% of the world's data are now digital. Large amounts of the data are represented on the web, where content is added, deleted and edited constantly and worldwide. Web archiving is the preservation of content, and may be done individually, as well as by large-scale web archiving initiatives. Contemporary studies in the humanities and social sciences need to make use of web archives where earlier documents or versions may be retrieved, and to preserve findings on the live web for future analysis and reference.

The course will provide an opportunity to build an understanding of how and why archived web content differs from analogous material (such as printed books), and to get significant hands-on experience with web archives and web archiving, based in a focus on your own specific research interests.

The course is offered by NetLab, a national digital research infrastructure, and a theme under DIGHUMLAB. Please find contact details at:


This workshop is also open to researchers. The aim of the course is to provide a general understanding of archived web as a resource for research, as well as the underlying technologies for web content and its preservation as well as hands-on experience with technologies that can be used for data gathering for their projects. 


Understanding the special characteristics, pitfalls and possibilities of archived web. Using web archives for research. Creating one’s own archive for future reference and analysis. Creating data gathering strategies for specific research purposes.

Target group:

Researchers and PhD students.


English. All course content is in English, but Danish communication will be used if all participants are Danes.


Online course as part time studies for five weeks, with a workload of approximately 10 hours per week. Most of the course is self-studies, with written assignments, and with feedback and guidance from the instructor.




Asger Harlung,

Niels Brügger,

Dates and time:

Online course, no venue. Participation from work or from home.

Application deadline:

Running registration, please find contact details at: