PhD Courses in Denmark

Global Humanities: Fields in Conflict: Qualitative Research Across Borders

PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen

Date and time: 25-29 November (physical) and 20 December (online) from 9:00 to 15:00/16:00/17:00

With this course, PhD students get an opportunity to immerse in state-of-the-art debates in and around the Humanities with other scholars doing research on conflicts that cross borders and/or require the scholar to cross borders.

The course caters specifically to PhD students from the Humanities working with qualitative and mixed methods to understand transnational social, cultural, and political conflicts – whether from the vantage point of Area Studies, history, or interdisciplinary fields that draw on the social sciences. All methods are welcome although there will be an emphasis on text analysis and ethnography in the broadest senses of these terms, including traditional and digital approaches.

Academic Aim

  • Reflect on debates in and around the Humanities about qualitative research on transnational conflicts;
  • Understand the potentials of various methods (ethnography, text analysis, digital tools) to study transnational conflicts;
  • Challenge your own research with insights from cases and fields adjacent to you own;
  • Identify constructive solutions to methodological, ethical and practical/data management challenges presented by fields that are conflict-ridden, sensitive, or otherwise difficult to work on and in.

Target group: PhD students within the Humanities and Social Sciences working with transnational conflicts.

Course organizer: Rasmus Christian Elling

Course teachers: TBA

Programme: TBA

Registration: Please register via the link in the box no later than 7 October 2024.

Language: English

ECTS: 5.

Max. numbers of participants: 20.

Course fee: KK 2.500 per ECTS for PhD students from CBS.

Before participating in the PhD school course, applicants are required to submit a 7-10-page pre-course paper, preferably on method(s) applied and/or on the methodology of their own research projects (alternatively, a methodologically testing aspect of the analysis or data management plans). Moreover, applicants are expected to read the required readings ahead of the course; and to act as discussants for papers from fellow PhD students during the course.

Deadline for submission of pre-course paper: 11 November 2024 by e-mail to

Deadline for submission of updated course paper: 13 December 2024 by e-mail to

Further information: For more information about the PhD course, please contact the PhD Administration (

Literature: TBA.