PhD Courses in Denmark

Essential Research Skills for PhD Students at Arts and Humanities

Graduate School, Arts at Aarhus University

This course is provided by Aarhus University Library in Emdrup, Copenhagen, in collaboration with administrative and research staff from Aarhus University. It aims to provide PhD students in Arts at Aarhus University with essential skills in various subjects central to the research process, from collecting data, to disseminating results. This course offers practical tools and best practices that PhD students can readily apply in their daily work.
Although the course materials and examples are tailored to Arts PhD students, the course is open to all PhD students. The course consists of different sessions with presentations, discussions, cases and hands-on activities. 
Experts in the following subject areas will present on: 
• Academic search 
• Data management
• Digital tools to collect, sort and analyse literature 
• Publication strategies
As Aarhus University Library supports the Open Science movement, we prioritize conveying an Open approach to the topics, including Open Access publishing and FAIR data.

Learning objectives:
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
- Use different search strategies and search tools, including systematic search, in their research.
- Continuously describe and fill out their data management plan as well as confidentially administer and potentially publish their collected data in a secure manner.
- Understand how digital tools can help optimize workflow in literature analysis.

- Consider important aspects regarding publication strategies, including Open Access pathways, the benefits of openly sharing research outputs and on where to publish your research.

For more information, visit the AU Library's webpage for researchers at: and the Research Portal developed by the Committee for Protection of Scientific Work (UBVA) at:


Please note that the PhD administration does not handle the distribution of literature to the participants – you are welcome to include a list of references/pre- readings in the course notification. Circle U (2023), Open Science Passport – A Practical Guide for PhD Students

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Target group:

PhD Students at Arts and Humanities.


• Hazel Engelsmann, AU Library (Course Organizer) 
• Johanne Rübner Hansen, AU Library
• Karl Weis-Fogh, AU Library
• Louise Buchhave, Legal Special Consultant, Aarhus Universitet
• Mathias Michelsen, AU Library
• Uffe Jankvist, MSc, PhD, Professor, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University


Campus Emdrup, Copenhagen