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Human-Centered Artifical Intelligence (2023)

The Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design at Aalborg University

Human-Centered AI is a proposed (three-day course) explores current HCI research related to interactive human-centered, AI-driven systems that provide utility in the tasks they perform, and issues related to acceptability by users. The course includes lectures, critical reflections on the assigned readings, hands-on exploration of examples, and discussion relating the topic to the PhD students’ research. 

Artificial Intelligence has experienced a tremendous increase in attention in recent years across all sectors in society ranging from health, transportation, finance, construction, entertainment among others. Taking an optimistic view, Ben Schneiderman envisions,” computing devices that dramatically amplify human abilities, empowering people and ensuring human control.” He proposes that, “Human-Centered AI (HCAI), enables people to see, think, create, and act in extraordinary ways, by combining potent user experiences with embedded AI support services that users want.” Taking departure in this view, we explore prevailing research and discuss the important issues related to how AI system predict and monitor and adapt to the user. Research themes include the staples of HCI such as task performance and usability/experience and HAI-specific concerns about transparency, explainability, predictability, user control, and ethical implications. 

HCI research is a fundamentally interdisciplinary field that is growing and rising to the challenges and opportunities with AI. In this course, participants will learn a concise history of the topic of Artificial Intelligence, understand the basic technical terms and techniques, and will gain an overview of broad topics of current human-centered AI research. Examples from autonomous transportation, voice interfaces, robotics, public information systems and others provide a deeper understanding of the state-of-the-art research and design of HAI. Students will learn how to critically examine HAI research articles identifying the strengths and weaknesses and possible future directions. Students will consider their current research and how themes of this course relate to their work.

Organizer:  Mikael Skov             

Time:                     Spring 2023   - 20 - 22- november 2023

Place:                     Aalborg, only in-person attendance

Zip code:

City:                       Aalborg

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