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Renewable Energy based Integrated Energy Systems

Doctoral School of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University

The course will provide training and education on the subject of renewable energy based integrated energy systems.

The Ph.D. course will include fundamental knowledge of energy sources, energy conversion systems, renewable energy integration, transmission, and distribution. Basic techniques of analysis, operation and control will be presented. The market issue will also be introduced. Some contents are based on up-to-date research results.

The main topics are as follows:

  • Overview of modern energy resources and systems
  • Basics of energy conversion systems
  • Advanced technologies and emerging facilities for energy system integration
  • Optimization techniques applied in integrated energy systems
  • Impact of renewable power integration and mitigation methods
  • Future energy market with significant renewable energy penetration
  • Renewable energy transmission: operation and control

Prerequisites: General knowledge in electrical AC circuits and electrical power engineering, preferably background at the graduate level in power systems. Exercises involve Matlab.

Form of evaluation: Mini-project

Organizer: Professor Zhe Chen, mail:, Aalborg University


Course dates
19 February 2018 - 21 February 2018
Professor Zhe Chen, Assistant Professor Chi Su, Associate Professor Weihao Hu, Postdoc Yanbo Wang, Assistant Professor Jiakun Fang
Aalborg University
Aalborg East
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