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Statistics for the behavioural sciences

PhD School in Organisation and Management Studies at CBS

The aim of the course is to enable participants to conduct sound quantitative research and statistical analyses, both in their PhD-projects and in their further careers inside and outside of academia. We start with the basics of quantitative research design and statistical testing, but quickly move on to the type of multivariate methods that are necessary to analyse real datasets with many variables and complex dependencies. We focus on the practical applications of statistics and include a substantial amount of hands-on examples and exercises.

We use the open-source programme R which is a powerful tool that does not require an institutional license, but is freely available to all users.

The course covers the following topics:

1. Key aspects of quantitative research design, including research questions and hypotheses, sample and population, the types and roles of variables in the research design. We emphasise the importance of considering statistics from the earliest phases of research design.

2. Loading and manipulating data in the R environment prior to analysis.

3. Fundamentals of statistical testing: null and alternative hypotheses, test statistics and p-values.

4. Selected simple statistical tests, the exact choice depending on the participants’ needs and backgrounds as expressed in a project description to be handed in before the course (see below).

5. Multiple regression with a special emphasis on mixed-effects models which are ideal for research that involves multiple responses from multiple individuals.


Course dates
11 December 2017 - 15 December 2017
Laura Winther Balling, associate professor of experimental psycholinguistics, Department of Management, Society and Communication, CBS, and, Søren Feodor Nielsen, professor of statistics, Department of Finance, CBS
Copenhagen Business School
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